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Hi, I am Sukhvinder Singh a certified Amazon Trained E-commerce   Specialist, Businessman, Importer & Exporter, Freelancer, Brand Logo, Vendor’s details. I am offering Amazon seller plans, Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing details. These plans are on the base of professional skill and self experiences which is being used in the online and off line business field.

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sukhvinder singh gopal pillea

Sukhvinder Singh with Director & General Manager of Amazon Seller Service (India) Mr.Gopal Pillai


Amazon extra mile award
sukhvinder singh gopal pillea

Myself, Sukhvinder Singh. Several years ago I was working full time in my Air-conditioner repairing workshop in New Delhi, India. It was draining me. I knew I had to get out. I wanted to be free, to do whatever I wanted do, whenever I wanted do. I wanted to move and be able to spend time with my family, friends and truly live a free life with security and financial freedom. So I ventured out, left my decent paying workshop and started to learn computer operating. After six months I joined computer hardware course and DTP course along with this. I started computer hardware work along with air-conditioner repairing works, but I was not satisfied with my work profile so I joined a company as computer operator and there I learned e-commerce works.



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The coolest part is Fulfillment by Amazon (FAB), I don’t even have to go to my office to run the business, I don’t have a single employee, I don’t have to ship products to customers, and I don’t even have to communicate with any of my customers!
All these things were done by an automated program called FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon).
Now I truly live a life I actually wanted, every day I spend more time with my family and friends, I take vacation whenever I wanted it and can travel wherever
I wanted. All these are possible because I was able to scale my Amazon business to a level where it is now! In covid-19 period I decided to start a program to help people to start their online business. I am starting a
website to help people startup their own online business easily.
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